Marcelle Medallion Quilt

I have only just set up this blog page today but hey… why not write my first post!

Welcome to my first ever blog post!  I am very new to this and hope that you will be patient with me as I learn the ropes 🙂

Last year, I attended my first ever quilt class/es at the wonderful Frangipani Fabrics in Hobart. I made my very own Marcelle Medallion quilt under the excellent guidance of the lovely Jess Frost (of The Elven Garden).

I learned so much in this class and it gave me so much confidence in trying new techniques, choosing colours, etc.  I am very proud of this quilt and I think it will be a long time before I make another that surpasses this one!


In the past few weeks, I have begun machine quilting from the centre of the quilt. I don’t as yet have a free motion foot for my old machine (but REALLY NEED to get one!!) so I am using a walking foot to do some straight line quilting.


I am happy with the result so far! I will try to remember to take some more photos as my quilting progresses.

Have a great day! Deb 🙂

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