SSshhh…can you keep a secret?

Earlier this year, I completed a quilt using gorgeous Cotton & Steel fabric. This quilt can be found in my Finished Projects gallery on the right.  I intend to give this quilt to my daughter on her 10th birthday in September.  She has already seen this quilt and instantly claimed it as hers (“but I LOVE lions!”). However, I told her she could wait until her birthday (what a meanie!).

I also have two sons and this week I made a start on a quilt for my 7 year old. I am using some Star Wars print fabric that I picked up a few years ago when I was just starting to sew.  Luckily, my son’s favourite colour is red, blue AND black! (soo glad he only has ONE favourite colour!) and I was able to combine some fabrics that I think work well together.


I have always wanted to make a plus quilt so thought this could be my IMG_20150327_125154347chance.  I am following a pattern found at

So far I have cut out my squares and rectangles and sewn them into rows.

Hopefully I’ll get a chance in the next few days before school holidays start to sew the rows together. It’s hard to keep this quilt a secret when I need the dining table to lay my rows out on!

Finally, I just want to say thank you to the friends and family members who have looked at my blog and left comments.  Although this blog is almost like a diary for me, I appreciate your interest and encouragement and would love to see more comments! Just keep in mind that your comments are posted on this blog for all to read.

Thanks again and

Have a great day! Deb 🙂


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