My FAL Progress and what Snuggles did…!!

Hi all,

I have REALLY been trying to stay focused and ONLY work on my listed projects for Quarter 2 of the 2015 Finish-Along (FAL). See my post here.

As shown in my previous post, 15 of my Autumn Leaves (aka Modern Maples) Quilt blocks have been pieced.  I am awaiting the delivery of one more Tula Pink FQ, which I purchased on ebay.  How wonderful if would be if I had more fabric from this beautiful Moonshine collection (…sigh!) but alas, my finances don’t stretch that far and so I will have to make do with six.


And really, that’s ok!!

I finished one more block for my Swoon Quilt although I wasn’t particularly happy with how my seams lined up.



Hopefully, once it’s all put together and quilted, these little imperfections won’t be as noticeable. I seem to be giving myself a really hard time at the moment when things aren’t perfect. I need to remember that I am only very new at this and I have a long way to go and much to learn!

Finally, I am almost half way through quilting my Crazy Orange Quilt.  I am doing some chevron straight line quilting and it is taking what seems like forever!


IMG_20150414_173123527I am using Poly-wool batting for the first time (was 40% off) and an animal print flannelette (also marked down!) for the backing fabric.


I am hoping that this quilt will end up really soft and snuggly, perfect for use on the couch in winter!

And now…what Snuggles did…

I turned my back for a second (well, ok, maybe a few minutes!) and our sweet little bunny started chewing on my sewing machine cord!  Not right through, fortunately for my machine and for Snuggles, but all along the cord so that you could see the copper wire in several places.

Let me tell you, the thought of being without my sewing machine was HORRIFYING!!!!

Luckily for me, my clever hubby is pretty good at fixing things so he chopped the cord off short (so now I have to use an extension cord all the time) and covered the remaining cord with some protective tubing in case Snuggles gets another chance.

I wish I had thought to take a before photo (perhaps I was in shock!) but here’s what it looks like now :


And here is Snuggles.


I wonder how many lives a rabbit has?? 🙂 Deb

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