Crazy Orange Quilt Finished!

Well here it is, my Crazy Orange Quilt…finished!!

Crazy Orange Quilt April 2015

This quilt is my first finish for Quarter 2 of the 2015 Finish-Along AND my 2nd completed quilt for the year to date!

Crazy Orange Quilt April 2015
Crazy Orange Quilt April 2015

The main components of this quilt were the very first fabrics I ordered online when I began quilting last year. These fabrics had been sitting untouched, their appeal overshadowed by more recent purchases…taunting me with their brown and orange tones…begging me to make something with them…

And so I did, and I’m pleasantly surprised by the end result! I teamed the purchased Kanvas Ecco fabric (by Greta Lynn) with some Lotta Jansdotter Echo fabric from my stash and after briefly toying with the idea of using white solid fabric, decided to up the ante and use vivid pumpkin orange!!

Crazy Orange Quilt April 2015

The pattern is by Jeni Baker called “Flower Power” . The pattern was featured in a bonus project book called “Vintage Summer” that came with an issue of Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine.

I kept the finish budget to a minimum with this quilt and used marked down poly-wool batting and clearance flannelette cotton for the backing fabric. I also used my leftover fabric scraps for the binding.

Crazy Orange Quilt April 2015

I quilted it with Gutermann cotton thread in a straight line chevron design, following the seams.  This created “puffy” squares and gave the quilt some wonderful texture.

This quilt is my largest quilt to date at 56 x 70 inches and with the higher loft of the poly-wool batting, it was a struggle challenge to machine quilt it on my small-throated Janome!

We had so much fun driving around and scoping out possible places to photograph this quilt!

Crazy Orange Quilt April 2015

We stopped at a farmhouse and got up close and personal with a gorgeous Highland cow! (And what a view!!)


I think this quilt will become a permanent fixture on our couch this winter. My children have been quite enchanted by the soft flannelette and are already arguing as to who’s quilt it will be!


Rock, paper, scissors anyone…??

Deb 🙂

One thought on “Crazy Orange Quilt Finished!

  1. Beautiful quilt Debbie. Hmmm … let’s say that can be Uncle Brett’s quilt whenever he comes and visits. 🙂


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