Churning out more Blocks!

I have been like a mad woman sewing like crazy and have managed to get 12 more Churn Dash Blocks completed!


I don’t know what it is about this block but I am so enjoying making them and really love the colour scheme that has evolved.


I’m not a planner at all when it comes to my quilts! As mentioned in my previous post, I started with a Lori Mason fabric (Andover fabrics) and went from there. I have now also introduced some chartreuse (Cloud 9 and Alison Glass),


and blue/aqua – LOVE that Melissa McCulloch “Chromatics”: Turquoise Molecules!!


Oh, and can you believe that Amy Smart (diary of a quilter) commented on my last post! OMG!! I told my children that was like Stampylongnose commenting on a world they created on Minecraft (big Minecraft players in my house!!)

Thanks so much Amy, I’m so humbled that you found time to visit my little blog. It really means a lot to me as I have been reading your blog from the beginning of my quilting journey! And to all the readers who found this little blog through the We All Sew website, thanks for stopping by!

I hope you’ll come and visit again sometime soon! Deb 🙂


One thought on “Churning out more Blocks!

  1. Love your Churn Dash blocks, and also the completed Orange Quilt, you’re certainly very productive Deb, we have our Biennial Quilt Show here in Sarina in a weeks time, ( if only you were closer)!!! keep up the good work, love Heather XXOO


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