Another Finish (and in Loving Memory)

IMG_20150625_125014860I’m cutting it fine, but here it is, Finish #4 for Q2 of the 2015 Finish-Along.      

I really needed a new wallet and had been eyeing off this pattern by Emmaline Bags at my favourite fabric store Frangipani Fabrics. 

IMG_20150625_125149795Quilting has definitely taken over as my first love and I really struggled to find incentive to start this project. So I headed in for a nice social “Sit and Sew” session at Frangipani Fabrics and discovered some wallet making mojo with some help from the lovely staff.


My fabric choices were all Cotton and Steel and I couldn’t resist using some of that awesome Viewfinder fabric!


This pattern, although a bit fiddly and time consuming, is well worth the effort.


So now I have a new Super Tote AND a new wallet!

Thanks Adrienne @ On the Windy Side for hosting the 2015 Finish-Along. It gives people like me much needed incentive to finish those projects!

Deb 😉

Linking up to Let’s Bee Social @ Sew Fresh Quilts

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  Today would have been my Grandmother’s 101st birthday.

She passed away peacefully last year, two months after turning 100 and receiving her much wanted birthday congratulations letter from Queen Elizabeth.


IMG_20150625_135659449Grandma was a very talented crocheter and made many beautiful things, some that I am fortunate enough to own.

Grandma lived independently in her own home until two weeks after her 98th birthday.  In her lifetime, she was a champion lawn bowls player, a keen gardener, a wonderful baker, a passionate animal lover (especially her dogs) and a loving wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. 

IMG_20150625_140708607_HDRThis post is dedicated to you Grandma – we all love and miss you xx

19 thoughts on “Another Finish (and in Loving Memory)

  1. What beautiful work your Grandmother did, how lucky you are to have some of it. My Granny did all sorts of things and it’s a regret that I don’t have anything she made. Is the plaid pattern crocheted? It looks amazing!

    Love your wallet! The Finish-Along is great to encourage us all – I have 3 things I have just a tiny amount to do to be finished on time!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Your wallet looks amazing! I’ve been wanting to make one but haven’t been brave enough to start one yet. 🙂 Your grandmother was a beautiful lady; what a wonderful thing for you to have had her in your life as long as you did!


  3. I had to have this pattern so I just bought it. I like how it has card pockets on each side and a nice place to store a phone. You were so blessed to have spent so much time with your grandmother.


  4. Your wallet is lovely. I did a double take seeing the Australian money in there!

    It was lovely to read a bit about your Grandmother. I can tell you loved her very much and it is nice you have some of the things she made to remind you of her. I wear my late grandmother’s wedding ring and even though I miss her terribly, it is lovely to have something that I see everyday that makes me think of her.


  5. That’s a great wallet to go with your tote Deb.
    Everyone in the shops will be asking where you bought them.
    It was a beautiful tribute to your Grandmother also.
    She liked bright colours too. HnA


  6. A moving tribute deb to our beautiful mum,grandma and grannie-she touched our lives in so many ways and will forever remain a guardian angel walking by our sides-she was a wonderful grandma de b and to her you were a much loved granddaughter love mum your wallet and bag are stunning,your beautiful creations are truly a work of art! Iove mum xo


  7. Your grandmother sounds like an amazing woman – those crocheted blankets are beautiful – and has obviously passed on some of her talents to you, that wallet is fantastic, and yes, it does look fiddly! Well done on getting it finished 😉


  8. Lovely little wallet. I’ve never had much success making my own, but this pattern might be worth a try. Is it sized for UK notes or will it fit Canadian money? Your remembrance of your grandmother got me thinking about my Nanny and wallets. She would never give one unless she put a penny in it. She said to do otherwise would mean the wallet would always be empty!


  9. Your wallet is beautiful and good for you to get it finished. Your grandmother sounds like she was fantastic! I’m helping Adrianne with the FAL and I am to say that I am visiting as part of the 2015 FAL Cheerleading Team.


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