Quarter Log Cabin Mini Quilt

Do you ever find yourself feeling overwhelmed with all that needs to be done?

Lately, I have been trying to finish projects for link up parties; participate in the New Blogger’s Blog Hop; prepare for our upcoming local Craft & Quilt Fair; have worked casually as a relief Teacher Assistant; and have been super busy with my usual home/school/sport life with my husband and three children.

Please, don’t get me wrong. I made the choice to link up to these finish parties and love the incentive they give me; I am extremely grateful for the support and opportunity to meet other new bloggers/quilters from all over the world in the New Bloggers Blog Hop; I am thrilled to be involved for the first time in this year’s Craft & Quilt Fair; I enjoy my occasional bit of “paid” work; and I am very blessed to have my wonderful family life.

Notice those words above that are highlighted in bold text?                                    I’m doing ok…I just need to learn how to breathe!! 


Whenever I get hung up on all my “have to’s”, guess what I do?

I start a new fun project that is purely for my own enjoyment! Crazy, huh? 😉

Last month, Yvonne, aka Quilting Jetgirl, posted a tutorial for a Quarter Log Cabin Mini Quilt.

This is a really enjoyable tutorial which uses a lot of chain piecing, a technique that I love. After cutting up all of my strips, I was able to work on this project whenever I felt like it – usually a border at a time or whatever time I could spare!


It was fun watching these little mini quarter log cabins grow!IMG_20150611_165927717





I’ve been playing around with different arrangements of these blocks






Personally, for me, it’s a choice between 4 and 5.

What do you think?

Deb 🙂

16 thoughts on “Quarter Log Cabin Mini Quilt

  1. I love 4 and 5, really very lovely, I like your choice of colour Deb, they’re colours I’ve never used before. Gives me a whole different slant on my next project, what ever that may be. love Heather XX


  2. Hi Deb. Heather likes 2,4 and 5, but my choice is for the striking zig-zag order of 4.
    Whatever combination you decide on, we are sure it will look great. HnA in Munich.


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