Scrap Busting

My children have just returned to school after a two week vacation.

I don’t know how I ever manged to find time to sew during previous school holidays, but this time, I barely managed to snatch an odd half hour here and there!

However, I did sort through my scraps.  Yes, that’s right, after a whole year of quilting, my scrap bucket was finally overflowing (now I feel like a real quilter!)


I knew I wanted to sort my scraps by colour, so I used the pattern from the book Sunday Morning Quilts to make a few fabric baskets.


I did however make one special basket for my leftover Amy Butler Quilt scraps!


My grey basket is already pretty full (mmm…a favourite colour?) and I made it using the quilt as you go (QAYG) method.


The blue one was straight line quilted after piecing in a chevron pattern.


And I practised my shaky beginner free motion quilting skills on this orange basket.


I still have quite a few baskets left to make and figure that it’s not only a great way to use up some of my scraps, but also an opportunity to practise different fmq patterns!

I feel like I have a bit of direction and focus this week after my last post. I received kind and encouraging emails from some of you plus I have picked up quite a lot of tips and advice from other quilters in the New Bloggers Blog Hop (my introduction post can be found here)

Thank you – I appreciate it SO much!!

On that note, I’ll leave you with another animal photo bomb – first, it was a chicken, and now a horse. Gotta love livin’ in the country!

Deb 😉


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8 thoughts on “Scrap Busting

  1. Hi Deb: Popping over from let’s bee social. I’ve always wanted to make these baskets but have never gotten around to it. I keep my scraps in ugly plastic bins. But the bins are over flowing so maybe one day. You bins look lovely, and they are perfect for fmq. I’m taking a workshop with Cheryl Arkison in November. I’m very excited.


  2. What a great way to use up and store your scraps. My scrap collection is just starting to grow and I’m thinking some scrap baskets would be a great way to stay ahead of the inevitable scrap disaster.


  3. Deb, those 4 baskets are just fabulous, what a way to store scraps, makes me want to get back to quilting, and just pack the crochet away, might do that after I finish my projects for Sarina Show, only a week away and I’m still rushing to get ready. Love Heather XX


  4. I love that book but have never made anything from it! And that horse photo is hysterical!! I mostly cut my scraps into strips and squares, but I do keep baggies of smaller scraps. I love your QAYG panels, and what a great idea to practice your FMQ!


  5. Love your bins. As soon as I decide to store my scraps by color (right now I cut them to squares and strips and store them by size) I’m gonna have to make some of them.


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