Paper Piecing Progress

This week I have been doing quite a bit of paper piecing, a technique I really enjoy.

I recently bought the book Vintage Quilt Revival. Many of you will be familiar with or even own this book as it was first published in 2013 (I have a LOT of catching up to do!)


I have decided to try most, if not all, of the blocks in this book and eventually combine them all in a quilt.

My first completed block is the Classic Geometric Star.


I have also made a start on my Elizabeth Dackson mini medallion quilt – one of my Q3 goals for the 2015 Finish Along.  This pattern was featured in Issue 21 of Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine.

The medallion centre is complete so now I’m working on my cross and plus blocks. I’m using some beautiful Sarah Watson Biology fabric.


The cross blocks are paper pieced and each quadrant is a tiny 1 1/2 inch square!


I’ve also been busy trying to finish quilting my Swoon Quilt as my July Finish for A Lovely Year of Finishes.


With only three days to go, unfortunately I don’t think this goal will be achieved.

But overall I am feeling quite happy and inspired again with a few new projects on the horizon. So this has prompted me to ask the question:

Are you happiest working on one project from start to finish or are you like me and need a variety of different projects to choose from, depending on your mood?

Deb 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Paper Piecing Progress

  1. I’ve got two paper pieced quilts in the works, and I love it so much that I could be perfectly happy to make all my quilts that way. I’ve heard that you either love it or hate it – and I love it! I have this book too, but have not yet made anything from it. I pull it out often and flip through, and it is so nice to see really modern fabrics being used in your block! Lovely.

    As far as number of projects in the works goes… I would like to say when I start something then I finish it, but the reality of is that I really do need a variety of projects going all at once. Right now I have three in the works, but I am happy to say that I am fast approaching three finished quilt tops. I took them on vacation with me, and it was nice to have several things to work on… bottom line is that my attention span is short.

    Greetings from Germany!


  2. I love your projects, especially your fabric choices on the Geometric Star. To answers your question: I much prefer having many projects going at one time. Thanks for sharing your work!


  3. Deb your work is beautiful. Thank you for sharing, you are not alone my July finish is not going to make it either. I still need to do the binding once I pick it up from being quilted. It was too big for me to quilt myself. I must agree with you I need long term projects with quick projects thrown in.


  4. I love your fabric choices for the Geometric Star. I wish I could just see one project at a time all the way through. I usually have several things that I am working on. I do the same thing with books and read more than one at a time. I like to have choices based on my mood.


  5. All of your blocks and quilts are beautiful! I love the paper pieced star so much! I’ve recently been addicted to paper piecing…it’s so fun! I tend to work on one maybe two projects at a time. I hate to confuse myself with too much going on!!


  6. i love to think about and plan new quilts, but I find myself only making one at a time. Well that’s not strictly true, I currently have one mid-quilted and one mid-pieced, but I only make one top at a time. I don’t know what will happen when I finish this top, whether I’ll start a new one or wait til the first one is complete.


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