A Pair of Pillows

I am happy to share with you my first finish for Quarter 3 of the 2015 Finish Along.


A pair of “Haphazard Chevron Pillows” from the awesome book Quilting Happiness.

Although I followed the basic technique for making these pillows, I did make some alterations to the original pattern.


The original pattern makes a cover for one 12 inch square pillow. I wanted to make two 16 inch pillow covers so I increased the width of the original pieced block and also added strips between the vertical rows.


I used some beautiful Kona solids fabric and although it looks yellow in these photos, the lighter colour is actually a beautiful yellow-green chartreuse.

I quilted it simply by stitching 1/4 inch on either side of the vertical seams.


For the back of the pillow, I used some lovely grey “Squiggly Stripe” fabric by Valori Wells for Robert Kaufman Fabrics.


I have been doing a lot of sewing lately but feel as though I haven’t had much to show for my efforts. It feels really good to have a finish!

Chevron Pillows August 2015

On another note, we have had a cold snap down here in Tasmania, Australia. The roads were closed today and so my three children were home from school and my husband unable to get to work.

Keep in mind that we moved to Tasmania from hot and humid central Queensland two and a half years ago. Snow is a very BIG novelty for us all!

Here are some photos for you, Deb 🙂

Linking up to Let’s Bee Social @ Sew Fresh Quilts

IMG_20150803_070619986 IMG_20150803_070706405 IMG_20150803_070820631 IMG_20150803_070856934 IMG_20150803_070912274 IMG_20150803_070920752 IMG_20150803_071242403 IMG_20150803_071346939

18 thoughts on “A Pair of Pillows

  1. Really love the pillows Deb, you’ve done a great job. We’ve been receiving news on your cold snap on the TV all day, would love to experience a snow scene like the photos you’ve posted, apparently the coldest in over 30 years. Please tell me “are the horses OK, do they have any blankets” Lots of love Heather ):);):


  2. Your Chevron Pillows are striking deb as well as the colours. And what a ‘wonder winter-land of snow’ you’ve been surrounded with today-thanks Lucas for the guided tour you took Nanna on this morning seeing snow first hand(in stark contrast to sunny Queensland!) love mum/nanna xo


  3. I love your Haphazard Chevron pillows. I actually like your version more than the original design. Sometimes simple quilting is the best. .I live in the Midwestern part of the US. Thankfully Christmas in July is just a state of mind. We get enough of the white fluffy stuff. We are praying for a mild winter since my husband has to have major back surgery in November. Thanks for sharing your lovely pillows finish.


      1. Hi Deb, don’t worry about not reaching your goals, just love your latest post, I wish I could get motivated, still got UFOs from 25 years ago. Love Heather XXOO


  4. I have an UFO from almost 50 years ago, two cross stitched placemats, only to finish the edges!
    Strange to see the snow, when it is hot summer here in the Netherlands.
    I love, love, love your pillows! I love fmq, but you made the right choice with this simple quilting. It is perfect. Enjoy family time together!


  5. Your pillows look fabulous, Deb. Especially like the addition of the strip between the rows. I can imagine how fantastic those Konas look in “real life”…. Love the Chartreuse!


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