August Goal for ALYoF

I didn’t manage to finish my Swoon Quilt – my July goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes 😦

This really doesn’t sit too well with me as I don’t like to fail at anything. My husband thinks that maybe this is a good thing and that I should regularly “practise” not reaching my sewing goals in order to take some self imposed pressure off myself – Whhaaat??! I KNOW I can’t do that, so…

I WILL finish off my Swoon Quilt, which is half quilted.


My August goal is to finish a binding “re-do” on my Cotton & Steel Quilt – a gift for my daughter’s 10th birthday in September. This quilt also deserves a proper post with photos.


So, here’s to a wonderful August!

I am confident that this month will be successful, Deb 😉

One thought on “August Goal for ALYoF

  1. We can only do one human’s amount of work. I don’t know about you, but I generally have a whole army’s worth on my to do list. I understand your disappointment, but hope that you can be kind to yourself on this little setback. Your swoon quilt is beautiful. I just finally made my first swoon block, but not for my own swoon quilt — that’s still in the WIP pile. It was for a mini swap. It’s such a fun pattern.


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