Cotton & Steel Quilt

I didn’t manage to achieve a finish in time for the July ALYoF party. But as promised, my Swoon Quilt is now complete. You can read about it here.

For my August goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes (link up #56), I set myself the task of a binding “re-do” on my Cotton and Steel Quilt.


This quilt was originally completed in February 2015.  Looking back, I realise how much I have learned in six months. This quilting addiction/obsession – whatever you want to call it – has hit hard and fast!

I have several reasons for the binding re-do:

Firstly, I was not at all happy with these rounded corners. (Thankfully, I now know how to achieve a nice mitred corner 😉 )


Secondly, I had some fraying on one part of the binding.

IMG_20150812_143122176I suspect this is because the two raw edges of the folded binding misaligned as I machine sewed them to the front of the quilt.

and Thirdly, just like my Amy Butler Quilt, I really wanted all of the fabrics in this quilt to be from the same fabric line. I didn’t have any surplus navy Cotton & Steel fabric back in February. The navy Spot On Robert Kaufman binding fabric I originally used has now been replaced with Cotton & Steel Basics XOXO in navy. I really like how the x’s appear and disappear around the quilt.


For the backing, I used some gorgeous coral August Lion and Moonlit Arrow fabrics. I quilted in a crosshatch diagonal pattern.


This quilt was made following the pattern Hourglass Twist by Karen Lewis. This pattern was featured in Love Patchwork & Quilting magazine, Issue 10.


This quilt is a birthday gift for my daughter who turns 10 next week.


Now I have a question for you:

Did you ever “re do” part of a quilt because you weren’t happy with it?

I’d love to hear what your experience has been so please leave me a comment if you’d like to share. Thanks, Deb 🙂

Linking up to A Lovely Year of Finishes @ Fiber of All Sorts and Sew Bittersweet Designs and Let’s Bee Social @ Sew Fresh Quilts.


4 thoughts on “Cotton & Steel Quilt

  1. Lovely quilt… I have a weakness for Cotton & Steel myself! Good for you for taking the time to re-do the binding that you just weren’t satisfied with. It’s the sort of task that one can put off forever. I hate re-do/fixing things, but sometimes, it’s what’s needed to make you love every last bit of a project.


  2. I can see why you did, but no, I never have. When it’s done, it’s done here at my house. =) Things like the rounded corners, I would just do better next time, and it wouldn’t bother me. The fraying is definitely an issue that had to be fixed, though. Since everything I do is scrappy, I don’t think I’ve ever done a quilt with just one line of fabric. If you needed to re-do in order to be happy with the project, then it’s good that you did!


  3. Quilt looks great! Good for you for making it the way you wanted it and not avoiding the challenge. Alas… mine usually end up in the WIP pile on those occasions. Perhaps you have inspired me to check the stacks!


  4. I will re-do or fix a part of a quilt that I don’t like. Even though sometimes its a pain, I’m always glad I took the time to do it. I want to love my finished projects, not look at them and focus on the mistakes or blunders. I think it’s great you took the time to re-do your binding!


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