Dog Gone Cute Quilt Update

I have been sewing up a storm these past few weeks – making up for lost time when my family and I were sick with the flu.

I have finished all of the blocks for my Dog Gone Cute Quilt and added the sashing and borders. Yesterday I basted the quilt top ready for quilting.

Finishing my nine remaining blocks was my September Goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes and I decided earlier this month that I wasn’t going to get caught out by leaving things until the last minute.


As a participant in the Dog Gone Cute Blog Hop, I need to have this quilt ready for my scheduled reveal on October 13th. You can check out the other Blog Hop participants @ Sew Fresh Quilts.

There’s something about seeing rows of neatly spaced pins on a basted quilt top – maybe it’s the order that appeals to my slightly OCD personality 😉


Anyway, at the risk of being a bit secretive, I have decided to show you a black and white photo of my finished quilt top.

So here it is – my completed (and more!) September goal for ALYoF:


I really hope you will come back and visit again in a few weeks to see my finished quilt in colour.

Deb 🙂

8 thoughts on “Dog Gone Cute Quilt Update

  1. Love it Deb, is it for Lucas or Jaiden ? Would be lovely displayed in a Quilt Show, haven’t seen one like it at any of the Quilt Shows I’ve been to up here. Hugs, Heather XX


  2. This blog looks like a sales promotion Deb : Tune in for the next exciting episode to see the quilt in colour!! It’s looking great. HnA.


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