Aviatrix Update

It’s time for an update on my Aviatrix Medallion Quilt.


In my previous post on this project, I had just completed the centre star – a time consuming task involving matching the points on 72 diamonds!

Border #1 is made up of half square triangles and unfortunately this is where I had a few problems…

I sewed with what I thought was a “scant” quarter inch seam but unfortunately, my scant seam turned out to be WAY too scant! I ended up with squares slightly too large and therefore border strips too long. As apparent in the following photo, when I attached these border strips to the medallion centre, I had trouble matching the corner points and the fabric refused to sit flat.


Note: I originally wasn’t going to show this photo as I felt quite embarrassed that I had made such a simple sewing error! But then I figured, this is my journal and I should be completely honest. And I will check my quarter inch seam diligently from now on!!

After a lot of unpicking and re-sewing (not to mention cursing and swearing!), I have a result I am much happier with 🙂


I am now quite a bit behind in my Aviatrix Medallion class with Jess Frost (The Elven Garden) so I will be spending quite a few hours in this next fortnight trying to catch up!

I have already made a start on my Border #2


and Border #3 blocks.


A question for you : Have you ever made any sewing/quilting errors that you feel embarrassed about?

Come on, be honest and tell me I’m not alone!

Deb 😉

10 thoughts on “Aviatrix Update

  1. Lovely work as always Deb. and lovely colours and sharp points. I don’t believe you used bad language, just couldn’t imagine it. NO, I’ve never made any quilting errors (LOL), why do you think I decided to choose another craft ???


  2. Deb, I feel your pain, about having to take seams apart and putting them back together again. I am working on something right now, that I have had to set aside, I am about 60% done with it, but I have used my seam ripper more on this one quilt than on any other project and it is not a complicated pattern, UGH!! I do love how your medallion has turned out, great colors and love how they pop. Thanks for sharing.


  3. Are you kidding? Of course! I have made so many mistakes that I no longer even get upset with myself over them. Looks like the seam ripping and rework was totally worth the effort, Deb. Your progress looks fabulous on this and I am looking forward to following along!


  4. That is just gorgeous! I love the color along with the low volume! I make mistakes!!! However, I’m not really embarrassed about it, they happen! Seam rippers are always at the ready with me!


  5. Beautiful start! You were right to unsew and redo the center of this quilt. It looks great now! Of course I”ve made quilting mistakes. Most of mine involve cutting errors and borders that don’t fit.


    1. Love your colors Deb and so proud of your all the beautiful work you do – ‘around the world’ was my first quilt and all my pieces were cut with scissors and 30cm rule! having a cutting board and quilting rule would have made things so much easier! love mum xo


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