Slow Scrappy Sewing

First of all, I want to say thank you for all of your lovely comments on my last blog post. The reaction to my finished Interlock Quilt top was quite unexpected but so greatly appreciated 🙂

Unfortunately I haven’t been sewing a lot since.  I’m not sure why but lately I’ve been feeling quite flat and drained of energy and creativity. Life has been pretty busy this year and doesn’t look like slowing down any time soon. So I have decided to take some self-imposed pressure off myself and sew only when I feel like sewing. I’m optimistic that I’ll be feeling back to normal soon and that this little break will have recharged my batteries.

The one project I have worked on intermittently during these past few weeks has been my Scrappers Delight Quilt. I have managed to finish the first twelve blocks for this thirty-six block quilt (from the book Sunday Morning Quilts) and am now working towards completing the second twelve.

Scrappers Delight2

I have found the process of randomly choosing fabrics based on size from my scrap buckets to be incredibly relaxing. It’s also been fun to recognise fabrics leftover from previous projects.

Scrappers Delight3

I’ll have a laugh now and admit that I’ve become a real fabric “nerd” (a term I first heard from the amazingly talented quilter and all-round lovely lady Jess @ The Elven Garden).

I can recognise fabrics in my completed blocks by Amy Butler, Tula Pink, Joel Dewberry, Lotta Jansdotter, Anna Maria Horner, Malka Dubrawsky and Sarah Watson, just to name a few. Plus, of course, there is plenty of Cotton & Steel and Art Gallery fabrics in the mix.

So, admit it, are you a fabric nerd too? (ha ha!)

Scrappers Delight4

I am up to Block #17 and could possibly stop now and make another baby quilt but I really want another larger quilt to use on our beds. This potential full sized 72″ square quilt poses a bit of a problem because my little machine really struggles with it’s small throat space. However, I think I can get around this by trying quilt-as-you-go (QAYG) for the first time. This method would also give me an opportunity to use up some of my batting offcuts – a true scrap quilt!

Scrappers Delight5

In the meantime, I’m enjoying taking a bit of a breather and hope to continue playing with my beautiful scraps in the weeks to come.

Deb 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Slow Scrappy Sewing

  1. Hi Deb: Things got a bit flat here for me for a couple of weeks as well..I thought it was down tot he heat but maybe I just wanted to veg for a while. Beautiful quilt your are working on there. I’m definitely a fabric nerd. I don’t know what all my fabrics are but I think because we are often referring to fabrics on our blog posts we start to develop this nerdy trait.


  2. I’ve never considered myself a fabric nerd; I just picked up whatever fabric I liked. However, now that I see it’s helpful for readers to know what fabrics I’m working with, I’m becoming one. I still pick up whatever strikes my fancy, but now I take note of the designer. I love the colors in your quilt!


  3. What delightful colours in your Quilt Deb, a great scrap Quilt indeed. Don’t push yourself too hard, you’ve been so productive this year. Sending Hugs….. love Heather


  4. I really love your quilt! What great, bright colors. Doesn’t everyone get ‘flat’ sometimes? I think it’s natural to need a break from anything you do a lot, ever the fun things you love.


  5. Slow and steady works just as well as zipping through projects. I’ve been less motivated this summer myself. The heat should be a factor although it isn’t due to sewing in the basement that is much cooler. I haven’t had a finish of any size for quite a while. Must find something to finish! Or, read a book, or take a nap. Retirement is so much fun!


  6. The joy of inspiration,the joy of creating and the joy that comes from sharing your relatively short quilting journey with us all shines thru in every one of your blogs Deb. This quilt is yet another example of your beautiful work and is so appealing.Take time to smell the roses for a while.Hugs..Mum XX


  7. A great thing about scrap quilting is the memories of other quilts made with the fabrics you recognize. I, too, am a bit of a fabric nerd. It’s so weird that I can remember designer/line/manufacturer for so many different fabrics – on sight – when sometimes I can’t remember where I laid down my cell phone in the house! I made a variation of Scrapper’s Delight a couple of years back. I am interested to see how the QAYG works out for you.


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