IMG_20150123_180439966_HDRMy name is Deb and I am a new devotee to quilting. My husband and I made the move from Queensland to Tasmania in 2013 with our three young children in search of a new (and cooler!) life. Having no sewing interest prior to our move, I nervously began sewing on my old second-hand Janome that year and haven’t stopped since.  Now sewing, and in particular, quilting has become a full-blown obsession and a way to keep me creatively fulfilled and sane!

This blog is a way to keep a record of my creations and hopefully showcase my evolution into a better quilter.

If you wish to contact me, you can email me at debchimes@gmail.com




16 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Deb, Carolyn and I have just logged on to your blog – great to see. Will try to show Aileen on my iPad when we have coffee. Love Barb


  2. Have just found some more photos of quilts you’ve done, (can see I’m a novice on a computer), they’re really lovely Deb. Love Heather XX


  3. Deb I think I’ve just done my very first ‘thingy’ on the internet!! Who would have ever thought!!!so very proud of all your beautiful sewing, you are proof that dreams and possibilites are endless when you believe in yourself, you are loved so much, sending big hugs from mum xoxo


  4. Wow Deb, I am impressed! I love your quilts! Looking forward to seeing many more as you create them. Well done! Love to your gorgeous family! Love, Jodie xx


  5. Have just come from the sarina quilt show deb-telling my friends about your journey so far with quilting-the confidence you show is an inspiration to us all love mum xo


  6. I found your blog via MCM and went for a little look around…..reading ‘about you’, I see that you live in the same part of the world as I do and moved here from QLD for the cool change like I did early last year. I also frequent Frangipani Fabrics so we may run into each other one day, I we haven’t unknowingly done so already!…..so nice to meet someone from close to home.


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