A wet day & some finished projects!

The kids started their school holidays yesterday and as it was cold and wet outside, they were more than happy to stay indoors and have too much some screen time and play lego, army, barbies, etc.

I just LOVE rainy days.  Rainy days are perfect for sewing!  I was able to finish off two projects so thought I would share them with you.


My Union Jack mini quilt was made following a pattern by tracejay quilts and I found the tutorial here.  I really enjoy paper piecing and found these blocks quite addictive.  I am really happy with the end result.  I think the black and white stripe binding really sets off the bright colours.  The backing is a vibrant Prints Charming fabric that I picked up for a steal in the clearance section of a Queensland Spotlight store.


Now I just need to add a sleeve to the back of the quilt and it is going on the wall in our entrance.  I think it will brighten the area up!  The sleeving tutorial I’m going to follow can be found here at tallgrass prairie studio.

The second project I completed yesterday is a Triangle Patchwork Box Pouch.


I found the pattern in a lovely book called “Patchwork Please!” by Ayumi Takahashi.  The little bag took me quite a while to complete and I got a little frustrated while hand stitching the lining into the bag (hand stitching is NOT my favourite thing to do!) but it turned out quite well and certainly taught me a few things.  Unfortunately I stitched the lining a tad too close to the zipper so the zipper is a little tricky to use. I am still deciding whether I should unpick the stitches and re-sew the lining in or leave it as is and remember for next time.  We live and learn, right??

Anyway, have a great day! Deb 🙂