2015 Craft & Quilt Fair

Last weekend was the annual Craft and Quilt Fair, held in Launceston, a city approximately  200 kilometres from Hobart and a good three hour road trip from home. From: Hobart TAS To: Launceston TAS This has been the first Quilt Fair I have been involved in since beginning my quilting journey last year.  It has also been the first Quilt Fair our newly formed Tasmanian Modern Quilt Guild has participated in. Although I decided against entering my quilts for judging – I just don’t feel worthy or ready yet –  a few of my quilts were displayed in the Modern Quilts section and in our TMQG booth. This was a huge thrill for a new quilter like myself! IMG_20150711_115448007 IMG_20150711_115517225 IMG_20150711_095019480 It was wonderful to meet and chat to members of the wider quilting community, including traditional quilters quite interested in modern quilting.

I also had a lot of fun creating bunting for our booth. Look at these beautiful colours! They were made using leftover fabric from our Prism Challenge. IMG_20150705_165255174 You can read more about the 2015 Craft and Quilt Fair and see some wonderful quilts on the TMQG blog and the Elven Garden.

Unfortunately, I have returned from the Quilt show feeling quite flat and at a sort of crossroads. Although inspired by the quilts I saw, I can’t help but feel a little intimidated by the sheer brilliance and talent out there. Up until now, I have been quite happy making quilts using patterns by other designers but now I think I need to go one step further and do my own designs. However, instead of feeling spurned on by this thought, I have come to a standstill. Hopefully I will find some direction soon although as mentioned in a previous post, I have some classes starting in the next few weeks which will keep me busy!

To end on a positive note, my daughter won 1st prize for Grade 4 (9-10 yrs) in the Junior Textiles competition for her Nail Polish Pillow. She won a bundle of fabric and a cheque for 25 dollars. IMG_20150716_142019444 We are very proud of her 🙂

Nicci Nail Polish Pillow


8 thoughts on “2015 Craft & Quilt Fair

  1. Nanna is also proud of you nicci and we are also so very proud of your beautiful mum who so lovingly guides and encourages you along the way.wonder what your creative mind will come up with to use your beautiful and well deserved prize hugs from nanna xo


  2. Hi Debbie ,

    Wow awesome work ! Your doing so well , it’s a pleasure seeing all your colorful work and look forward to following your blog

    Cheers Liz & Geoff xx


  3. Congratulations to your daughter on 1st prize! Your talent must be shining through & run in the Family !
    … Well done to you both …

    Liz & Geoff 😃


  4. Your quilts on display are beautiful and the bunting is fabulous. I’m sorry that the quilting world is overwhelming you at the moment. There is so much awesome out there. That said, some of the awesome is certainly the palettes people choose and the little adjustments they make to existing patterns to make their quilts more unique. Your upcoming classes will be awesome and I hope they help you along your quilting path.


  5. Deb your beautiful quiilts on display at the quilt show are to be admired-you should feel justifyably proud of your beautiful work as we are-bunting ever so colourful and to be thinking of designing future quilts shows just how gifted and talented you are.love mum xo


  6. I hope you enter your quilts next year! I think your work is lovely here.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the little lull you are experiencing between the awe you felt at the show, and coming to grips with what is happening at home. I go through this often! It’s a natural time of processing, and I think it’s the time my mind and emotions need to gather information and process it. You will wake up one day, and have an Ah Ha moment. And then, you move forward. Just have patience, and listen closely to yourself.

    Julie @ Pink Doxies


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