Colour Happy

After two months away from my sewing machine, I’ll admit that I have found it very difficult to find any motivation to sew again.

After a very busy Christmas holiday period, which included an extended camping holiday and visits from family members, I have managed to reorganise my sewing space and sort through all of my various WIP’s.

I even found a shelf to store my finished quilts 🙂


But after this process of tidying (or maybe procrastinating?), I still wasn’t able to muster a single ounce of enthusiasm for any particular project. And I have plenty of existing unfinished projects to choose from…

Anyway, while tidying and reorganising my sewing supplies, I came to realise that I have quite a large fabric collection. While making no promises of a 2016 “fabric diet”, I have decided that this year will be a year where I will try to use existing fabric from my stash wherever possible. (Of course, there will always be that extra yummy fabric that I won’t be able to resist… 😉 )

I also discovered that I now have a fairly decent stash of fabric scraps which gave me some much needed motivation for a new project – a rainbow scrap quilt!

I followed the pattern – “Pride Flag” – in the fabulous book Modern Quilt Perspectives by Thomas Knauer. I want to make ALL of the quilts in this book!

With the exception of red and purple, of which I have a limited stash, all of the fabrics used in this quilt were from my scrap bins.

The blocks went together surprisingly fast and in less than a week, I had a completed quilt top.


This quilt makes me very cheerful when I look at it so I have decided to call it my “Colour Happy” Quilt. The quilt top measures 65″ x 73″.


Life feels pretty hectic at the moment and I doubt I have any chance of producing this year the number of quilts I completed in 2015.

But it sure feels good to be back sewing again and that’s why I’m linking up for the first time to Main Crush Monday @ Cooking Up Quilts and Let’s Bee Social @ Sew Fresh Quilts

Deb 🙂


9 thoughts on “Colour Happy

  1. Deb, I’m sorry you lost your sewing mojo, but it looks like you’re finding it again – that top is sooo pretty! I love the rainbow look, it’s such a happy quilt. Thanks for sharing on MCM. I hope life calms down a bit for you soon!


  2. What a lovely quilt Deb, and what beautiful colours, great to see your latest work, have missed you over the holidays. I’m thinking of making a scrap quilt, so am totally inspired to start one now.
    Love to you all, Heather XXXOOO


  3. Great top. The colors are wonderfully saturated. And they go well together. A big stash is great if you remember to pull from it even if you have to augment it with new fabrics. Good luck with keeping that mojo primed.


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