Dog Gone Cute Quilt Finish

Today is my day to share on the Dog Gone Cute Blog Hop.

This is also, coincidentally, my 50th published blog post 😉

A big thanks to Lorna@Sew Fresh Quilts for creating this Dog Gone Cute pattern, and also for hosting the Quilt Along and Blog Hop. I think that many of us have had a lot of fun making our versions of this quilt – I certainly have!

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For my Dog Gone Cute Quilt, I decided to make my pooches bright and colourful using fabrics from my stash. The background fabric is a Spotlight shot cotton in steel.


I kept the backing subtle by using a Bear Essentials 2 fabric in soft grey and quilted it by stitching in the ditch around each puppy and filling in the background with some straight line quilting.


For the binding, I chose a multi-coloured Maude Ashbury “Geofabulous” fabric.


My finished quilt measures almost exactly 60 inches square.


My youngest son has been eyeing off this quilt while I’ve been making it so this will be a birthday present for him when he turns 7 in January.


Finally, here is a photo of our two much loved dogs Sammi and Cain.


These two incredible companions were our “children” before we had children. Sadly, both of our beloved pooches are no longer with us, but I felt the need to include a photo of them in this post.

On a much happier note, let me introduce you to the newest member of our family, Chilli.


This almost 6 year old Australian Border Collie x needed a new home and after meeting her, we immediately felt a connection with her. Chilli has been with us now for only a few days but is settling in so well.

We are looking forward to creating a whole new set of happy memories with her 🙂


33 thoughts on “Dog Gone Cute Quilt Finish

  1. Oh, What a great post Deb – I so enjoy following you!
    Several congrats are in order:
    50 posts!
    An awesome finish that your son will treasure! Lovely quilting too..
    And Chilli is adorable, congratulations!


  2. Congratulations on finishing a beautiful Quilt, and that Quilting !!!! , Lovely to see a photo of Chilli, you’ll create lots of precious memories


  3. Congratulations on your 50th blog Deb.
    Your quilt is exceptionally “cute” with Sammi and Cain stitched into it.
    Look at those ears!
    Lucky j for his birthday.
    Hello Chilli, looking forward to seeing you soon. HnA.


  4. I love the quilting on your dog quilt! I might have to borrow it. :0) I am so happy that your family and Chilli found one another.. Your son will absolutely love the quilt for his birthday. I am planning on making a big version for my daughter to take to college with her next fall–the hard part will keeping it a surprise. Congrats on your 50th post!


  5. Hi! You quilt is really beautiful! I love the colours you have used! Also your dogs look most cute! I can imagine hou you miss Sammi and Cain. Fortunately Chilli found a good home with you. x Teje & Nero


  6. What a fantastic finish! Love your fabric and your amazing quilting! Congrats on the blogging anniversary and 50 posts and on getting your new fur baby.


  7. Hi Deb – congrats on the quilt and the 50th blog post!! Love your finished quilt – so colourful and cheerful. The one I have made was for a birthday – I get to give it to her tomorrow!!! I managed to keep it secret all the way through the process so hopefully she’ll love it as your son will love this one.


  8. A great quilt. I love the quilting you’ve done on it. I was thinking as I finished mine that it feels like a children’s quilt so I’m glad your son is having it


  9. Hi Deb. I absolutely love how you quilted this! The horizontal lines that outline the ears and offset the vertical between each dog adds so much interest to an already exciting quilt. VERY well done!
    And now for the real dogs…as I was reading their names I remembered your comment on my post and started to feel sad till I scrolled down to Chilli. What a cutie!!! I actually got chills when the photo came up and I read how well she’s fitting into her new family. So fun!!!


  10. First of all I want to congratulate you for your 50th published blog post. Whoop! Whoop! And what a fun post it is! Your quilt just makes me so happy to look at! Love those bright dogs. They look fabulous against that light grey background. And the quilting? Oh yay!!! Framed sweetly by that beautiful binding! What a gorgeous finish! Enjoyed reading about all your furry family members – new and old. Great post!


  11. Not only do I love the colors of your pooches, I love the quilting you chose. It really highlights them. And how awesome that you could open up your home to include Chilli. I’m sure she will be a great companion for your family. And congrats on post #50 🙂


  12. So proud of you Deb,congrats on blog#50 – Jaden will love this ‘dog gone cute’ quilt,gorgeous colors,and your quilting is to be admired! Welcome Chilli…you have come to a good home-add what a lovely tribute to Sammi and Cain love mum xo


  13. Your quilt is wonderful. I love your quilting. Good for you for taking in the newbie dog. We’ve taken in 2 this year and while they have their quirks, they are full of love.


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