Cotton & Steel Quilt #3

It’s no secret that I love Cotton and Steel fabrics. I have amassed a reasonable stash over the course of my two year quilting journey and have completed two quilts made entirely from these fun fabrics.

Although I haven’t made any many recent purchases, I still own enough Cotton and Steel for at least one – or maybe two 😉 – more quilts. For my latest Cotton and Steel Quilt, I am using the pattern Over the Rainbow by Keera Job of Live Love Sew. This pattern was published in Issue 31 of Love Patchwork and Quilting magazine.

Some time ago, I purchased a Cotton and Steel jelly roll – strips of fabrics from a few of their different collections – collated by the lovely ladies at my local fabric store Frangipani Fabrics. I decided, instead of white, to amp up the contrast with these glorious Cotton & Steel colours and use a Slate blue Homespun solid as the background fabric.


I really like the clean lines and angles of the log cabin block (this one really a quarter log cabin block) and it seems to be a design I find myself making again and again.

Is there a particular quilt block that appeals to you and that you have used a number of times?

I had this particular project listed as one of my goals for Quarter 3 of the 2016 Finish Along. I wasn’t too successful and only managed to finish four (out of 39) blocks.

In this past week however, I have made the most of every spare moment and am happy to report that I have made another fifteen blocks! Only twenty more to go…

Deb 🙂

Linking up to MCM @ Cooking Up Quilts, Let’s Bee Social @ Sew Fresh Quilts and NTT @ My Quilt Infatuation.


15 thoughts on “Cotton & Steel Quilt #3

  1. Wow! I love the look of those fabrics with the dark background – so stunning! I have only ever made one log cabin quilt and that was in 2004. I like that these blocks are only a quarter of the block, it is so interesting looking. So happy for your progress Deb! Thanks so much for sharing on MCM. 🙂


  2. I bought a large FQ bundle of Cotton + Steel last month during a Craftsy sale…now I just need to decide on a pattern. That’s the hardest part for me! I have been drawn to the plus block a lot lately and yours really looks great…maybe that’s a sign!!?


  3. Great Post….Short and Sweet with such vibrant colors! I love Cotton and Steel, Tula Pink. Vibrant seems to be in. I had never visited Live Love Sew…and I feel bad. I think Keera has posted on a few of my blogs…she has WONDERFUL patterns. I could not find the Over the Rainbow though. Thanks for introducing me to someone new!


  4. I’m new to Cotton and Steel fabrics and loving them! I like this block you’ve shown an will start looking out for a C&S jelly roll!


  5. This is pretty! It looks amazing with the darker solid and for pete sake…it’s cotton + steel…can’t go wrong! And it’s a pretty perfect block for a jelly roll! I love using HST’s to make blocks in quilts!


  6. I go through phases with quilt blocks. Like I had a HST Phase, and an hourglass phase. Currently I feel myself drawn to Drunkard’s Paths.
    I love your Cotton and Steel WIP, I think the darker background was a good choice and one can never go wrong with C+S!


  7. Hi Deb! I like log cabins and I love this quilt! Those tine grey strips between gives new look! One of the first quilts I made was with log cabins – I should make new. I guess my favourites are hst. x Teje


  8. congrats on your progress. I’m linking the Oxford Blue Homespun. When I first started quilting I made several Twister quilts and got twistered out. hahaha. Looking forward to seeing this finished!


  9. Lovely ‘Work in Progress’, looking forward to seeing the finished item, my favourite quilt pattern is Log Cabin, followed closely by Double Wedding Ring, sending Hugs……..X


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